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A daughter of a feudal lord takes up a forbidden sword to fight off evil in Demon Sword: Incubus, now available on Steam.

Developed by Brianode and published by Eroge Japan, Demon Sword: Incubus is an action game in which you eliminate the enemies with fatal combos. Our heroine Amiladia, Amila for short, is the daughter of a feudal lord who went missing. The kingdom she resides in is under attack by demons, forcing her to fight back against the forces of evil to protect her father’s land. In order to defeat them, Amila calls upon a sword left behind by her mother — a sword possessed by an incubus that feeds on life energy.

The game has six difficulties for you to choose from. You can challenge yourself with numerous strong enemies, or choose an easier difficulty for a quicker gaming experience. If you have trouble with executing certain moves, there is a training mode where you can practice. Fight orcs, insects, humans, and other enemies to progress through the stage, with each of the enemy having their own defeat sex scene. Level Amila up and gain talent points, which allow you to adjust and improve her stats. There is also a dressing room where you can customize Amila’s appearance, such as her hairstyle and clothes.


- Satisfying side scrolling action gameplay infused with classic fighting game elements...including input commands for special attack, guard, guard break, reflection, dash, side-step, and combos.

- Boss fights waiting for you at the end of every stage.

- Dressing Room feature that allows you to dress up and customize Amila's appearance.

- A training mode for practicing and perfecting combos and special attacks.

- Tutorial mode for learning the basics and exploring the features of the game.

- Input support that allows you to assign complex command inputs to specific keys.

- Level up system of gaining talent points to spend on enhancing your stats and learning new abilities.

- Variety of adjustable traits and skills that allow you to build your character any way that you want.

You can purchase Demon Sword: Incubus on Steam for the discounted price of $15.99. After July 7th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original price of $19.99. AS it's a Steam game, don’t forget to download the 18+ patch from Eroge Japan.

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