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An elven prince joins a demonic brothel in 炎舞堂’s Welcome to Albion!, a puzzle adventure game published by WASABI entertainment on Steam.

Welcome to Albion! is an adventure game set in a fantasy world threatened by the looming prospects of war, due to the ambitions of the expansionist demon kingdom. The game’s protagonist, an elvish prince, has been forced to confront this issue directly, as he’s been given a warning: the demon army was ordered to march on his kingdom within a week.

Wanting to help out the prince, the demon army’s general offered him a deal: if the elves financed his army with a donation of a million gold, they would wage war with the dwarves instead, letting the elves remain in peace. Naturally, there’s a catch to his proposal: the only way to raise such a sum so quickly is for the prince to offer his body at a brothel — one run at the demon’s city of Albion, which borders the elven kingdom.

The game captures the prince’s struggle to raise the required sum before the time runs out. The player's task is to help manage the prince’s time to accomplish as much as possible during his short stay at the brothel. Given that the task at hand is a peaceful one within a civilized town, there’s no combat for the prince to worry about; the game relies on exploration instead. Each day is divided into a morning phase and an evening phase, giving players two chances to make progress in one of the available quests, for a total of 14 phases.

Most quests in the game are related directly to its heroines, with four potential love interests requiring the prince’s aid. Not all of them are women in the common sense, as Albion is predominantly inhabited by men and futanari. The feminine prince will often find himself playing the bottom role in romantic encounters, whether it's during his work at the brothel or in personal affairs with the lead heroines.

Welcome to Albion! is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $11.99 until June 24th, at which point it will cost $14.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a free patch available on the publisher’s website.

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