Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

A guild clerk steals the elf wives of busy adventurers in Miel’s nukige, Elf Wives Cheat to Ride my Meat, now available on FAKKU.

In Elf Wives Cheat to Ride my Meat, players take the role of an adventurer-turned-guild clerk, who spends his days issuing quests to adventurers. Your days of action and adventure may be long behind you, but the new job comes with the benefit of seeing the sexiest and strongest elves in the guild every day: Keira and Sissel. Any sexual fantasies running through your mind at the sight of them are ruined when the pair start to flirt with their husbands.

When Keira’s husband expressed a desire to rank up in the guild, you take this opportunity to convince Keira that sleeping with you will help with her husband’s promotion. While Keira’s husband is away, slaying monsters in dungeons, you’ll be busy slaying her dark elf pussy. Eventually, Keira tricks the pure Sissel to join her in debauchery, telling her that she can improve her marriage if she learns the “joys of sex” from the guild clerk.

Previously, Elf Wives Cheat to Ride my Meat was released on Steam earlier this year. Since then, the title has had made its way onto FAKKU's storefront. The game is a kinetic visual novel with no dialogue choices and twenty sex scenes to experience, letting players enjoy their time training a pair of elven wives into becoming slutty cumdumps.

You used to be an adventurer like them, until you took an arrow to the knee. Spending your days issuing quests instead of going on them has its perks, like seeing the two strongest and sexiest members everyday. The only downside is that they always bring their stupid husbands along to spoil your lewd fantasies... Unable to watch these sexy elves flirt with their husband’s day in and day out, you get to work looking for an opportunity to get yourself a piece of that elf booty!

Your chance comes when Keira's husband is trying to rank up with the guild and you seize the opportunity by convincing Keira to let you give her a ride on your monster meat to fast track her husband's adventurer evaluation. He'll be delving deep into the dungeon for dozens of days while you use that time to pour all that pent up frustration into her pussy! Keira, exhausted from your insatiable apatite for dark elf pussy, ends up tricking the pure Sissel into sleeping with you to take a literal load off herself. With a lie that “sleeping with the guild clerk will help her discover the ‘joy of sex’ and help her have a happy marriage”, you'll show her the joy of sex alright.

You can buy Elf Wives Cheat to Ride my Meat on FAKKU for $11.99.

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