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Icha Icha Steady, Marmalade’s slice-of-life romance visual novel about a caring fiancée, has been published by Shiravune on Johren.

Icha Icha Steady is a calming, blissful visual novel about a young man and his fiancée enjoying each other’s company. Yuu Omaezaki used to be nothing more than the protagonist’s upperclassman, but the two eventually entered into a relationship and even moved in together. Yuu has a caring, motherly personality and is largely open to her boyfriend’s needs: she’ll gladly wear a bunny suit to sate his curiosity or cook food with him, so they can enjoy it together.

The story of Icha Icha Steady plays out from the first-person perspective. Yuu Omaezaki is fully voiced by Momoyama Ion and portrayed using Live2D animation. There are six erotic scenes to experience throughout the visual novel, with each one featuring many variants.

Game Introduction

Your life together has been steady and sweet.

"Hey, can we kiss? Just a lover's hello."

She looks up at you with those puppy-dog eyes.

"Come closer. Wouldn't you rather do more than just kiss?"

She tempts you with that honeyed voice, and the more you get to know her, the more there is to love.

No drama here, that's all over and done with.

This is a little slice of bliss.

Yuu Omaezaki

Your upperclassman by one year... or she used to be.

Now she's your lover-slash-fiancee, and cohabitant.

Everybody thinks she's some kind of cool beauty, but she's a pampering motherly type really.

Lately she's refined her wiles to a dangerous degree.

Icha Icha Steady is now available on Johren for the promotional price of $11.99 until July 1st, at which point it will cost $14.99. The game requires a minimum display resolution of 1920x1080, as character sprites will not display properly otherwise. Johren also requires a one-time DRM verification for this game: once verified, Icha Icha Steady will run even without an internet connection.

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