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A cursed woman faces off against demons to prove herself as a nun in Kiteretsu Showado’s Riks = Peruetto -RPG that will get you abused if you fail-.

Riks = Peruetto -RPG that will get you abused if you fail- is a gruesome RPG about a young woman facing off against a demonic incrusion. It takes place in a fantasy world protected by many magical stones, one of which happens to be located at a religious school. Riks used to go and play there as a child. On one such occasion, the stone weakened, letting a demon enter the school. During the demon's incursion, our heroine was saved by her mother, who died in her stead. Years later, the young woman joins the school herself, hoping to become a nun and make up for the recklessness in her childhood.

Distinguishing her from others, Riks has special powers. Her intimate fluids posses healing properties. Once this fact comes to light, other students and most of the faculty believe that she’s been tainted by the demons. They soon begin mistreating her, and it doesn’t take long until Riks is given impossible tasks to accomplish, forcing her to explore dangerous places and face demons.

The game features traditional RPG gameplay with exploration and turn-based combat. It attempts to distinguish itself through brutality. Losing in battle will lead to the heroine being raped by the demon she’s fought, as well as consumed or otherwise killed with a detailed depiction. There are 19 unique CGs to discover and multiple outfits for the heroine to wear, which tear apart when damaged in battle.

** The overall story is quite serious, the heroine is not wearing underwear (when changing costume, she will wear an underwear)

The story starts with Riks, who enters the gates of religious school with hopes and fears.

She was enjoying a normal campus life for sometime, but on day, during PE class, Celis gets injured.

After seeing that, Riks tells her to lick her pussy to cure the injury.

Celis licked the pussy as directed, and her the wound was cured.

But since that day, Riks's gets isolated since, her classmates looked at her as if, they were seeing some kind of monsters.

During that period, she have met Nun Cruz. Who did not treat her differently where, she started to respect her more like a sister.


Although this RPG starts out with a serious prologue, when you lose, brutal things will happen during this RPG.

Since there is a limits for samples and, we are incapable to show the harsh parts, you will get raped and killed if you lose.

If you are the person who likes and thought that the main character, Riks looks cute! , Riks will be treated very harshly so, please be careful (Chuckles)

Riks = Peruetto -RPG that will get you abused if you fail- is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $9.59 USD (estimated from ¥1,287) until July 9th, at which point it will cost $10.66 USD (estimated from ¥1,430). A demo of the game is also available on the store page.

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