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Run a successful tavern and impress your hard-working maids in Phracassado's free clicker game, Maid Idle, now available on Itch.io.

In Maid Idle, you play as a new tavern owner who initially has no real idea how to improve their business. Luckily, a money-loving maid named Taisha is at the ready to help out with the process. The goal of the game is to increase your tavern ranking and pull in enough earnings, while also getting to better know eight cute maids.

In the game proper, you can click through the room to earn coins and use them to upgrade your tavern and maids, increasing the number of coins you earn each click-per-second. You'll find items that can be given to your maids as you click around. If you give your maids items they like and answer them correctly during conversations, you can greatly increase your affinity with them. Fill up your maids’ affinity bar to unlock erotic CGs and outfits. You can only speak to one maid once after the conversation cooldown period, though you can shorten this cooldown by purchasing the right item from the shop.

To buy items from the shop and go on dates, you'll need dollars, earned by completing achievements and prestige. The items in the shop will decorate your tavern and earn bonuses for maid income, affinity, reduce the cost of dates, reduce the talk cooldown, maid slots, and more. You can only prestige when you upgrade your maids a certain number of times.

Be a tavern owner and hire all the maids you can to work for you!

Make a lot of money and buy lots of upgrades to make your tavern look as beautiful as the ones who work in it!

Be ready to meet lots of girls, each with their own personality, ready to make you laugh or cry in pleasure!

All-in investment:

Become a successful tavern owner in a world full of maids!

Unlock new maids and upgrades to make your tavern the talk of the town!

Get to know your maids and be sure to bond with every one of them!

You can download Maid Idle for free on Itch.io.

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