If it's a hole, it's a goal.

A woman’s search brings her to a horrific dimension in Towndarktales’s Jester`s Theater Museum, an adventure game now available on Steam.

Jester`s Theater Museum is part of the Witch Chronicles series of games, developed by Towndarktales. In this installment, the heroine is a young woman named Melissa. Some time ago, her sister Chelsea has disappeared, leaving Melissa to spend her days searching for her ever since.

The search brings Melissa to a recently-opened museum theater belonging to the mysterious Jester. Upon investigating the theater more closely, she falls into a time loop, where many dangerous creatures are sealed. If Melissa hopes to find her sister, she will have to free many of these creatures on the Jester’s behalf; however, doing so may have terrible, lasting consequences, putting the heroine through a moral dilemma.

Jester's Theater Museum mixes side-scrolling exploration with logic puzzles in an atmospheric horror setting, featuring hardcore erotic encounters. The game's adult scenes focus on the monsters abusing the heroine, though these are also optional, depending on the player’s interest and chosen story path.

This game containing adventure and horror elemts is intended for adult players only.

This story is a part of the Witch Chronicles series launched on Halloween. After Chelsea's disappearance, her siter Melissa decides to go on a searching mission. The search leads her to the mysterious Jester's Museum: theater that has opened in the town. The invitation seems intriguing and Melissa decides to seize the chance to find out what happened to Chelsea.

To get the adult ending, players should free all creatures from the time loop by bringing them to our world. As usual, you will be faced with a choice – to free them and let the Jester win or to seal the exhibits forever in the prisons of their own. The adult part of the game is just an element of it, but not an option that you must choose. It all depends on the main character's choice. Upon finding herself in the museum, Melissa will have to decide whether to continue searching for her sister or to seal the cursed place.

Jester`s Theater Museum is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $7.19 until June 17th, at which point it will cost $7.99.

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