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An exorcist goes into a factory to save her classmates in No Future’s Exorcist Charlotte, now available on Steam.

Exorcist Charlotte follows Mizuki Kanoe, a girl who has a secret identity; when she dons her holy gear, she becomes the exorcist Charlotte. After hearing that the devil is in an abandoned factory, her classmates decide to check it out. Mizuki transforms into Charlotte to rescue her friends, but after entering the factory, she ends up cursed by someone and loses her powers. Now, she must sneak through the factory and avoid the traps set by the demons.

Battles in the game consist of turn-based combat and a trap system. During battle, if Charlotte is attacked, there is the chance that she will drop her holy gear. When this happens, she will be vulnerable to attack and the demons will molest her. You'll have to break free so she can continue to fight normally. Additionally, there are traps littered around the map. If Charlotte gets stuck in a trap, she will be ambushed by enemies and have to fight while being restrained.

Simple turn-based RPG combat.

Use the 2 holy gears, the "Libra" sword and the "Skorpius" gun

to defeat enemies in the abandoned factory!

Beat enemies and collect the "Energy crystal" to power up your gear to gain an edge.

Get materials from enemies and around the map to craft useful items for your adventure.

Create special bullets to gain an edge over the enemies...!!

Beware of the devil's traps!

Charlotte's fate is in your hands...

You can buy Exorcist Charlotte on Steam for the discounted price of $19.99. After June 17th, the sale will end and the price will return to $24.99. Don’t forget to download the 18+ patch from WASABI entertainment’s site. The patch can be found under 祓魔少女シャルロット, the game's Japanese title.

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