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One man’s semen proves to be a miracle cure in the boys love visual novel, The Patient S Remedy, now available for pre-order on MangaGamer.

The Patient S Remedy is a visual novel developed by MADA Labo, the same creator behind another yaoi title, Hadaka Shitsuji. The story is centered around a strange illness called progressive cell degeneration, also known as the candle disease. When someone contracts the disease, their body will melt and harden like a candle, reducing the patient's lifespan.

The story's protagonist, Sota Sasaki, was diagnosed with the candle disease, but doctors discovered that his semen might be the key to curing the strange disease. In order to study the healing properties of his sperm, the hospital made a deal with him: in exchange for participating in their research, everyone in the hospital must obey all of Sota's requests. During his stay in the hospital, Sota begins developing a sadistic nature, eventually making more unreasonable demands of the hospital staff and patients.

Sota Sasaki

A university student, 22 years old. An ordinary young man who goes out with friends, loves making noise at drinking parties, and occasionally studies, too.

He was infected by candle disease one day, and through desperation from his illness, begins displaying a wicked sadism...

Haruki Mishima

An 18-year old-boy, ephemeral as if he had come out of a painting.

Because he is naturally weak and shy, he has no friends and only reads books.

Manabu Minagawa

A 29-year-old elite office worker who works for a major management consulting company after having graduated from a prestigious private university.

He has incredible talents, but his personality is terrible. He always looks down on others.

Mitsuo Yasuda

A 40-year-old candle disease patient. He lost his beloved wife in a car accident and has no children, so he has resigned himself to his illness, saying ”I will have no regrets when I die.”

He is more concerned about the wellbeing of the people around him than his own.

Shuji Shibusawa

A 38-year-old doctor and research officer at the Okuseyama Institute of Medical Science Hospital’s Clinical Research Department.

He has quite an attitude and a foul mouth to boot, which was why he was sent off to Okuseyama. However, he seems to be a sincere and skilled doctor who treats his patients passionately, without being afraid of catching their disease.

The Patient S Remedy is scheduled for release on June 24th. You can preorder the game on MangaGamer for $35.99.

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