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DarkRed333’s roguelike puzzle game set within the depths of a forgotten tomb, Sorceress End, has been released on Itch.io.

Sorceress End is a roguelike puzzle game about a sorceress exploring the depths of a daunting, monster-ridden tomb. To help her reach the bottom of this forgotten ruin, players have to guide the sorceress through each floor of the dungeon.

The game plays out on a square grid, in a manner similar to Minesweeper. The main goal is to uncover a tile to see how many tiles around it are dangerous and try to deduce which ones you’ll have to avoid. To make the game more difficult, players can’t immediately tell what the uncovered tile says, as it’s occupied by the sorceress herself once chosen. Moving her to a different tile will fully reveal the previous one, making safe tiles a valuable resource for solving the puzzle.

Aside from monsters, the tiles can also hide currency used to buy upgrades at rest stops, which appear every couple of floors. These upgrades include healing and improvements to max health, passive chances to dodge damage, or the ability to uncover more tiles at the start of the round. If the heroine runs out of health by stepping on monster tiles too often, she’ll be abused by the monster that defeated her in a pixel art animation.

This game contains strong sexual and interspecies content. All characters depicted are 18+.

Test your minesweeper skills. Help a Sorceress navigate through a monster infested tomb, avoiding being captured and becoming their seedbed.

A minesweeper roguelike style game, with a twist, position well and get upgrades to manage with enemy skills affecting the terrain. Featuring fully animated scenes.

Sorceress End is now available on Itch.io for $3.00.

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