Putting the D in the double D.

A college student discovers and explores her sexuality in Yuri University, Chekkin Games' yuri visual novel that's currently in development.

Yuri University is a stat-raising visual novel that follows Rose (whose name can be changed), a freshman university student who recently figured out that she's into girls. While going to school, she meets other girls who are open about their sexualities, inspiring Rose to explore her own sexuality. Players can follow her on a journey of self-discovery, as she experiments with her roommates while still finding time to keep up with her studies.

The game features a daily cycle where players can decide how Rose will spend her time. On the map, you can choose locations for her to go off to and select an activity. The choices you make will affect her stats and her affinity with her roommates. For example, the first choice you can make is whether Rose will study physics or art. By choosing one over the other, you'll have a better chance of improving your relationship with a girl majoring in the same subject. There are also random events that feature scenes with main and side characters, which are rare opportunities that can improve your relationship with one of your roommates.

Rose has three different stat bars: knowledge, lewdness, and voyeurism. Knowledge represents how knowledgeable Rose is about her selected major, which relates to the three exams that will occur during the school year. If her knowledge is high enough, you can unlock scenes with the sexy teachers on campus. Lewdness represents Rose’s self-confidence and perversion, while voyeurism represents how comfortable Rose is with watching sexual acts. If her lewdness and voyeurism stats are high enough, you can unlock even more new choices and scenes.

You take the character of a young woman coming to university with her best friend. Your character, whose name you can choose, has never had a relationship before, having never been interested in boys. When she meets her new uni house mates, they surprise her with their openness and sex-positivity, and our heroine quickly realises for the first time that she's attracted to girls.

But having taken so long to realise this, she's self-conscious about her lack of experience. Fortunately, she's in a house filled with girls who seem to be open to some casual experimenting!

Your best friend for a long time, your BFF (name customisable) has come to the same uni has you. Like you, she thinks she's straight. You quickly realise you're gay, but will she realise a new truth about herself too?

The first girl from your new house you meet, Ezri makes quite the first impression. Her provocative outfit stirs a reaction in you, but it's her openness and accepting nature that helps you become comfortable with yourself.

A bubbly and happy physics student, Hannah is a fun and chatty character. She can be a bit ditzy, constantly unaware that she's showing her underwear. She also has a bit of a naughty side to her that she's eager to share with the right person.

A straight-talking, open art student, Ashley is always up for a bit of fun with friends. She may not really know what she wants from life yet, but for now she's happy to just have a bit of fun.

Quiet and reserved, Scarlett is the other art student in the house. Don't let her initial quietness fool you - once she's gotten to know you a little, she's very keen to make friends. Although she's always known she's gay, she's never been with anyone - will you be the one to change that?

You can download the current build for Yuri University on Itch.io. If you enjoy the game, consider checking out Chekkin Games’ Patreon.

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