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An incubus helps a thirty-year-old virgin get girls in HimitsuCP's early access game, Incubus, now available in Early Access on Steam.

Incubus is a 2D simulator game where you complete daily tasks and speak with girls to get closer to them. The protagonist is a virgin man who just turned thirty. After his birthday an incubus appeared and offered him a deal: if the protagonist signs a contract to give the incubus what he needs, he'll show the protagonist a life he never had for thirty days. The protagonist accepts the offer, beginning his road to manhood.

In the game proper, you'll be able to earn money, increase your stats, and complete quests to increase a girl's affection. By completing quests and achievements, you can receive currency and useful items that can increase your stats. There are also magical items that you can purchase in the incubus’ shop. As of right now, there are four girls in the game to hook up with, including twenty different H-scenes with each girl. There will also be phone sex scenes with the girls where they'll send erotic videos of themselves. HimitsuCP currently has plans to add more SD scenes, H-scenes, NPCs, and an ending, as well as implement a fix for the quest system.


◆ More than 50 CGs and 20 different sex scenes for each heroine

◆ Spine for a lively sex scene

◆ Performance of each character through Japanese voice actors

◆ More than 6 different sex positions with SD characters

◆ Multi-ending

◆ More than 50 different types of items

◆ A lively sex talk with mobile messengers

You can buy the Incubus in Early Access on Steam for the discounted price of $13.99. After June 10th, the game’s price will increase back up to $14.99. Additionally, once the game is out of its early access phase, the game's price will increase.

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