Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Falsely prosecuted, an innocent nun is forced to live on the run in princia’s Goodbye Sister.

Goodbye Sister is an RPG following the unfortunate fate of a nun. Our heroine has spent most of her life as a spiritual guide to a small village community. Praying and occasionally purifying evil spirits, she made sure to support the people around her. All this changed when the pontiff decided to visit the town, and made a move on the nun during his stay. As the heroine rejected him and ran into the village, the pontiff decided to take revenge. He soon declared her a witch, sending his men after her. Would she be caught and recognized, the heroine will be set aflame at the stake. Thus begins her life as a fugitive.

The game features a straightforward story with branching choices. Whenever they take place, players are provided an option to save their progress, allowing them to explore the story again in the future from a different angle. Combat takes place using a traditional turn-based system, with the priestess occasionally having to purify roaming demons. The nun can banish evil through prayer and has access to many support spells, allowing her to bolster her chances of survival against stronger foes.

Most sex scenes in Goodbye Sister are non-consensual, with the nun being taken advantage of by other people and monsters. Additionally, all scenes in the game are fully animated.

This RPG features a sister who is not good at fighting, as the main character.

In battle, the "prayer" is used to pray in order to become "purified" to inflict damage on the demons.

You may encounter stronger demons at times.

In times like that, it may be better to choose the option of "running away".

In the conversations scenes, the sister in a standing pose will do the animations.

There are many variations of the sister: in normal clothing, undone clothing, risky clothing, and naked.

The breasts shake as well.

For the in-game choices, before the sister makes a choice,

we will grant you a saving point, which allows you to change your choices as many times as you want.

The parts we want everyone to enjoy the most are the sex scenes!

Please enjoy all the animations which have been shown in detail.

Goodbye Sister is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $9.71 USD (estimated from ¥1,287) until July 2nd, at which point it will cost $10.78 USD (estimated from ¥1,430).

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