Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Shady Corner Games has published two new adult game demos on Steam: Shred & Tear: Explosive Kajun by Lucid Realm Games and The Ruins of Vagastia, by Eternals.

Demos of two new erotic games have made their way to Steam recently, both published by Shady Corner Games. The first of the two to titles is an erotic dungeon crawler, The Ruins of Vagastia, developed by Eternals.

The game takes place in a fantasy dungeon punk setting, where ruins of old civilizations lay behind every corner and under every mound. Players take the role of a fox-like kemonomimi adventuress named Vage. Having discovered an ancient ziggurat, she delves into the dungeon. As she descends into its depths, the path closes behind her, forcing her to face whatever terrors lurk in the forgotten ruins.

The game features first-person exploration and turn-based combat. Battles make use of a rock-paper-scissors battle system, with normal attacks besting defense, which itself s best used against special moves that, in turn, overpower common attacks. Players are given a general description of what their opponent is doing and only a couple of seconds to decide how to respond, making quick thinking the key to success.

During her explorations, Vage will meet other adventurers facing the same troubles as her own. If they let their guard down, the girls will face abuse at the hands of both monsters and common traps found throughout the dungeon.

The demo of The Ruins of Vagastia is now available on Steam. If you like the project, you can consider supporting it on the Eternals’ SubscribeStar.

Shred & Tear: Explosive Kajun is an action platformer developed by Lucid Realm Games, and published jointly by the development studio and Shady Corner Games. The game takes place in a world after alien lifeforms managed to conquer Earth. The tentacled monsters of the TEABAG empire collect organisms of other species to turn into bioweapons, with their sights currently set on human women.

The game’s heroine is one of their test subjects, who was being used to test a powerful set of combat armor. Luckily, she’s found by a member of resistance: a tentacled alien just like the other citizens of the empire. He then fuses with the heroine, granting her the power necessary to escape. The player takes control from here, having to make their way through rooms filled with armed guards to escape the alien facility.

The game puts a large focus on dynamic and chaotic combat. The heroine is highly mobile, with the ability to glide around, dash, double jump, bash through doors and climb on pillars. Using her vast set of movement abilities and lethal melee attacks, players have to make their way through a mix of combat and platforming puzzles. The demo ends with a chase sequence, seeing the heroine pursued through a tunnel by a massive monster, but also with an improved boost that allows players to race towards safety.

Though lacking in proper erotic scenes, the game does feature full nudity for the heroine. It can be unlocked by activating a secret code, granted as a reward for beating the demo. Whether players use the code or not, they can also choose how many pieces of the armor cover the heroine’s body and use the photo mode to take screenshots of the action from any angle.

Shred & Tear: Explosive Kajun is scheduled for release in mid-2023. The demo is now available on Steam.

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