Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

A bountiful woman tries to fund her shopping day at the mall in Vortex00’s Umichan Sorani, a comedic simulator now available on Steam.

Umichan Sorani has you take the role of Zytra, an extremely well-endowed woman, who’s out with her friend shopping at the local mall. When the two girls realize they don’t have enough funds, they decide to split up and try to make some money before the mall closes.

The short game allows players to explore the mall as Zytra, take part in two minigames either working at the bar or the cafe, and try to garner the attention of men. There are a total of ten sex scenes to discover in Umichan Sorani, all of them featuring at least two animations, as well as optional erotic art strung throughout the game. While the goal of the game is to earn a set sum by working jobs or selling Zytra’s services, money can also be spent to unlock alternate costumes for the heroine.

Things are rough for Zytra, rent just went up and DDDD size bras don’t come cheap. So it’s up to her to find some cash and make it quick. The mall sounds like a good place to find work. There’s plenty of jobs there but there’s also some guys that have their eye on her. Maybe she can convince them to give her some cash in exchange for letting them take her for a ride. Should she get the money the hard way? Or the “hard” way? It’s up to you in Umichan Sorani.

Feature list

• Discover 10 spicy sex scenes in Zytra’s quest for di-, I mean money (2+ different animations per scene).

• Explore Sorani’s branching storyline to find new “friends” to play with ;)

• Tired of riding cock? No problem! Zytra’s friend Violet is happy to step in and help her out.

• Check out some lewd selfies, we promise nobody is looking.

• Experience the first person perspective of being an anime girl with massive honkers. Apologies to “feet” fans but you won’t be able to see those over Zytra’s rack.

• Play the cafe and bar minigames to earn extra cash and meet more clients for after hours work....

• Unlock skimpier outfits to get extra cash or just to show off the goods.

• Replay the fun with the unlockable gallery.

Umichan Sorani is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $7.19, where it will later cost $7.99. This is the first game in the Umichan series to see a Steam release. More games from the franchise are available on the developer’s website, including an older, browser-based free version of Umichan Sorani.

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