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Kagura Games has published Circle Gyu’s RPG Maker game, Knights of Messiah, on Steam, Denpasoft, and the Kagura Games’ store.

Knights of Messiah is an RPG featuring turn-based combat and multiple endings. The game's story takes place in Mordouna, a free country that's struggling against an invasion from the Valfara Empire. While the world is being torn apart by war, the people of the country are starving, between high taxes and dying on the front lines. Alicia, the princess of Mordouna, decides to take up arms and fight to save her country. Follow Alicia and her friends on their journey as they battle against ruthless monsters, enemy armies, and rebel groups. Can they manage to save Mordouna while keeping their dignity intact?

The game features different endings that can be unlocked depending upon the choices you make. During the main story, you can also find many quests across the land. Complete them and earn goods that can help you on your travels, as well as level up and learn new skills to defeat your enemies in battle.

Level up and learn new skills and combos to defeat your enemies in turn-based combat.

Unlock different endings depending on the choices you make and the relationships your heroes forge.

A Fantasy Role-Playing Game

Level up and equip your heroes to overcome powerful enemies.

Hand-Drawn Art

Cutscenes and in-battle cut-ins are all hand-drawn.

A Large World to Explore

Follow the main quest through many different lands and unlock side quests along the way.

You can buy Knights of Messiah on sale from Steam, Denpasoft, and Kagura Games for $17.99. After June 3rd, the sale on Steam will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $19.99. If you plan to buy the Steam version, make sure to download the 18+ patch from Kagura Games to add in the game's adult content.

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