Lick twice for service

Enjoy a night of adultery in U+Me PLUS's netori visual novel, Playing with My Brother’s Wife, now available on Fakku and Denpasoft.

Published by Medibang! and developed by U+Me PLUS, the creator behind the Nakadashi Banzai and Detective Masochist series, Playing with My Brother’s Wife puts you in the shoes of Shunsuke, a young man who is in love with his older brother’s fiancé, Miki. After his brother introduced Miki to the family and announced their engagement, Shunsuke felt a pain deep within his heart: she was the woman he was secretly in love with. He had known Miki in the past, but he never learned her name until after they parted ways.

After the couple got married, Shunsuke’s brother had to go on a business trip, leaving Miki under the same roof as Shunsuke and his parents. Just living with her made it hard for Shunsuke to control his emotions, but after he saw Miki masturbating one night, he lost all sense of reason. He immediately ravished her body, and though Miki initially tried to resist, she gave into him after going so long without her husband. The two of them felt guilty afterward, promising to never speak of this again; however, even this one act of infidelity was hard to forget, giving Shunsuke the push he needed to go back for more.

The one time infidelity has lit a fire that neither one of them could have anticipated.

Our main character can't help himself...Miki tries to refuse, but her body cannot...

They can never go back. The brother and sister-in-law sink into a bottomless pit of passion...

Will their forbidden relationship reach its inevitable conclusion...?

You can buy Playing with My Brother’s Wife on Fakku for $21.99 and Denpasoft for $14.99.

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