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Take advantage of NPCs in WASABI entertainment’s Got reincarnated into a world of RPG full of NPCs…, an adventure game published by MediBang! on FAKKU.

Got reincarnated into a world of RPG full of NPCs… is a simple adventure game following a young man named Mobuo, who was reincarnated into a fantasy world following his death on Earth. Initially, the young man finds himself confused, seeing that there was no explanation for why he awoke as a grown man in an unknown city. After exploring the city for a short time, he soon discovers that the people inhabiting this world can only repeat simple actions and sentences. Their free will is limited, not unlike that of video game NPCs. In Mobuo's eyes, this is heaven, as he feels entitled to freely exploit the inhabitants of this world for his personal pleasure.

Got reincarnated into a world of RPG full of NPCs… focuses mainly on exploration, with no combat mechanics present in the game. Instead, players explore the world looking for NPCs to exploit, as well as for useful items that will allow them to access new areas. The short game will see Mobuo wandering through a city, castle, and the demon lord’s island where monster girls dwell. Since he isn't the resident hero of the story, Mobuo only focuses on exploiting those he comes across, leaving the main quest to the NPCs dedicated to it.

The main character dies in the real world and gets reincarnated as "Mobuo" in a fantasy world of swords and magic.

However, the world only contained NPCs...

And when he finds out he can do anything to them...


- Use fast travel to teleport to visited locations!

- Explore the town and castle to get items and proceed with the story.

- Able to skip/hide messages.

- No complicated battle systems! Easy adventure game on the go!

Got reincarnated into a world of RPG full of NPCs… is now available DRM-free on FAKKU for $4.99. Previously, the game was also released on Steam, where it's also available for the same price.

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