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A Housewife’s Healing Touch - Pure Love Route and A Housewife’s Healing Touch - NTR Route are available on JAST USA and FAKKU.

We previously wrote an article about the pre-order and prologue for A Housewife’s Healing Touch. The series is separated into two routes and a free prologue. While the prologue is meant to serve as an introduction to the story, the routes are two separate games that take place in the same world. Meaning you don’t need to play one route to understand what is happening in the other. The only difference is the story, protagonist, and game mechanics.

The Pure Love Route is a visual novel where you play as Shion, a young man who is unable to harness his magical ability. Rui, a skilled healer, is determined to help him, but she needs to teach him about carnal matters and how to pleasure a woman. She will take Shion’s virginity and continuously betray her marriage vows until he is able to control his powers.


In this route, you advance the story by moving your character across the map.

The protagonist, Shion, is controlled by the player.

Gather EP by defeating the demons leaking from the magical gate and use them to trigger the next chapter of the story.

Demons that show up during the night are stronger than the ones that appear during the day, but grant more EP upon defeat.

Shion will automatically defeat any demon he faces, but make sure that he will be able to escape from the gate before he exhausts his endurance and magical power.

In the NTR Route you instead control Souya’s decisions, but you mostly follow Rui, Gou (Souya’s father and village head), and the other village men. Gou plans to impregnate Rui with the help of the other villagers. As they continue to attack her, Rui’s mental and physical resistance slowly breaks down. Can Souya save his wife before she becomes the town’s sex toy? Rui’s fate is in your hands.


In this route, the game takes form as a decision-based narrative adventure.

The protagonist, Souya (Rui’s husband), is controlled by the player.

The decisions made during the story will decide Rui’s fate.

Keep an eye on the Couple’s Bond. If it gets too low, the player will be unable to select favorable options during some of the decisions presented to him. The Couple’s Bond can be restored by visiting Rui’s clinic.

You can buy A Housewife’s Healing Touch - Pure Love Route and A Housewife’s Healing Touch - NTR Route on JAST USA and FAKKU for $11.99 each.

A Housewife’s Healing Touch - Pure Love Route: FAKKU, JAST USA

A Housewife’s Healing Touch - NTR Route: FAKKU, JAST USA

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