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Grizzly Gamer’s point-and-click RPG Robin Morningwood Adventure - A Gay RPG is available on Steam in early access.

In Robin Morningwood Adventure - A Gay RPG, you play as the adventurer Robin. After exploring the land, he comes across Whellcum, a village full of muscular gay men. Before he can enter the village, two guards take a test where he must look at a book full of masturbating men. After getting hard, Robin proved he was gay and the test. The guards branded his hand with the village’s symbol and let him inside.

After spending more time in the village, Robin learns that the village used to be peaceful until the king’s balls started to grow. As they grew, an evil aura surrounded them, making the king sexually insatiable. Since he could never be satisfied, his sexually frustrated energy manifested the dark knights, who would harass the villagers. If a hero were to satisfy the king, the dark knights would vanish and peace would be restored. Could you be that chosen hero?

You can take up all kinds of jobs and get to know the villagers of Whellcum. Each of the jobs are arranged into different minigames. If you perform jobs successfully, you will increase your affinity with the villagers, earn money, and materials for crafting. Around the village, you can collect underwear from villagers. If Robin sniffs the underwear, he can view the owner’s sexual memories.

Before starting the game, you'll have the option to choose whether you prefer your character to be the top, bottom, or versatile. This choice will effect the parameters of the sexual battles. To win the sex battles, you must fill up your enemies’ heat point, or HP, bar and make them cum first. You need to choose sexual actions to arouse your opponent, but each action you perform will increase your own HP bar. After choosing an action, a quick time event will appear.

You can pruchase Robin Morningwood Adventure - A Gay RPG on Steam for $31.99. There is also a demo available if you want to try the game out for yourself fist.

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