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Sort out box puzzles to unlock provocative erotic scenes in Furry Tails’ Nazi Furry, a Sokoban game now available on Steam.

Nazi Furry is a Sokoban game, or a "box puzzle" game. The player’s task is to push boxes throughout a warehouse while trying to set them at designated locations. The game uses a grid system for its movement, limiting the player to push the boxes in only four cardinal directions. At the same time, the boxes cannot be pulled towards the player, forcing them to navigate through the level so that no box gets stuck beside walls or other boxes. Each level introduces more complex warehouse layouts, with an increasing number of boxes and impassable walls, raising the challenge.

Notably, the game lacks a proper storyline. Instead, it rewards players with animated erotic scenes after every handful of solved levels. All CGs feature furry characters having sex while donning uniforms reminiscent of Nazi Germany soldiers, with little context behind their presence and actions. The game's adult scenes feature men, women, futanari, and tentacle monsters appearing in various mixed pairings.

Nazi Furry is a logical puzzle game with incredible adult animations.

Nazi Furry will wonder you with animations of hot unusual characters after every successfully passed level.

You need to show up your logic in interesting puzzle game to enjoy everything what furry girls prepared for you.


• Amazing mechanics

• Stunning furry characters

• Interesting puzzle levels to pass

• Exciting animations

Nazi Furry is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.96, where it will later cost $6.99.

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