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Fight against and recruit a team of monster girls to save the world in Mon-Musu Master, an RPG now available on Steam.

Published by WASABI entertainment, Mon-Musu Master is another black-and-white RPG from 四畳半ファクトリー, the developer of Dragon Princess Anastasia. In Mon-Musu Master, you play as a hero on a mission to defeat the dark lord. Along the way, you're attacked by monster girls that you can recruit to your party. The gameplay primarily revolves around classic-styled turn-based battles and dungeon crawling. After you defeat a monster girl, she'll offer to join your party. Players can team up and have sex with over thirty different monster girls, with players able to recruit chimeras, demons, mermaids, harpies, nagas, animal-eared girls, elves, and many more. Additionally, if you want to rewatch H-scenes you've seen before, you can view them using the recollection feature.

You can make all Mon-Musu join your team!

Create your original party and save the world!

A retro black-and-white RPG.

Featuring countless Mon-Musu!

Fight them, add them to your team, and beat the Dark Lord!


- An orthodox turn-based RPG!

- Explore the map to find treasure!

- A simple combat system! New to RPGs? No problem!

- Beat the Mon-Musu and add them to your team!

- Conversations can be skipped!

You can buy Mon-Musu Master on Steam for the discounted price of $7.99. When the sale ends on May 30th, the game will return to its original sales price of $9.99. There's also an 18+ patch that can be downloaded from WASABI entertainment’s site, which adds adult content into the game.

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