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Meet and fuck a variety of humans, beast girls, and more in GAMEYOND’s free-to-play adventure game, Eros Fantasy, now available on Steam.

Eros Fantasy is an idle fantasy RPG made to appeal to both hardcore and casual anime fans. Each of the game's chapters pays homage to classic OVAs of the past and modern isekai titles alike. Delve into a fantastical world filled with humans, beastfolks, demons, and mermaids that you can seduce and have sex with. As you progress through the story, you'll meet over thirty-five cute girls, each with their own unique skills. Each of the girls is styled off of different eras of contemporary Japanese fantasy; with a variety of character factions and styles, you're likely to find one that suits your taste.

Each chapter in the game's story map is a path of fully automatic battles, in which you can further assure victory by upgrading your girls’ stats and creating powerful, balanced parties. When you level one of the girls in your party up, you'll also unlock erotic scenes of her. The different factions they're part of also have kinks specific to them; the phoenix team has a BDSM fetish, while the succubus team enjoys femdom. You also can play against other players in the game's arena and tournament mode.

Eros Fantasy is an IDLE RPG game full of magic and sex. Travel through a fantastic world, meet, seduce and fuck the hottest humans, beastfolks, demon girls and mermaids!

Each of the five factions of Eros Fantasy will be waiting for you to experience different sexplays and reveal and enjoy their secret sexual technique. Discover all of them on your journey to restore balance to the kingdom.


35+ Girls (Humans, Beastfolks, Demons and Mermaids)

Amazing Fantasy Storyline with 120+ Hot Encounters

34+ Uncensored Scenes (12+ Animated)

Idle Combats with powerful special skills

Arena and Tournament PvP Modes

Special Events, Challenges and Journey Story Modes

You can play Eros Fantasy on Steam for free.

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