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Explore a deadly dungeon in a choose your own adventure visual novel Heart of Dungeon by Hitori Games, now available on Steam.

In Heart of Dungeon players control a nameless female adventurer escorting a caravan to King’s Landing. On her way, she’s told by another escort about a dungeon nearby their current position. Motivated by a chance for additional riches, the adventuress take a detour to explore this cavern.

The game is an RPG that plays similarly to choose your own adventure books. It uses a visual novel interface with 3D CGs to describe places and situations as players explore the dungeon. Every room in the dungeon asks the player to choose between two or more options, each leading to a different conclusion. Following their previous choice, the player enters another encounter. The order in which the dungeon rooms are explored is randomized after each choice. Wrong decisions may cause the heroine to take damage or, in the worst cases, lose instantly and face abuse from either monsters, or at the hands of other human adventurers.

You are an adventurer.

You are on a journey to King's Landing and are now escorting a merchant's wagon.

Your companion, a competitor, has told you of a dungeon in the area.

You may head there, or you may not.

The choice is yours.

It's a dungeon RPG game in gamebook format.

You will fight against the monsters you meet in the dungeon and you will grow up.

You will be able to conquer this dreadful dungeon.

But sometimes you lose.

Sometimes there are unwanted consequences....

Heart of Dungeon is now available on Steam for $4.80 .

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