Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

A girl yearns to return home after being summoned to become a Holy Maiden in WhitePeach's RitualSummon, now available on Steam.

We first wrote about RitualSummon when it was initially released on DLsite, under the title of Faux Saint’s Heretic Hunting. The story takes place in the continent of Midra, where there are two warring faiths: The Pure White Holy Church and The Cult of Flesh and Lust. Every century, both religious groups perform a ritual to summon a holy or devil maiden from another world. This ritual can only be successfully performed once a century, so only one group will be able to summon a maiden. The group that summons the maiden will become the dominant religion until the next century, with The Pure White Holy Church successful in summoning their maiden. Rather than quietly accept the outcome, the Cult of Flesh and Lust spent their time cooperating with bandits, goblins, and other fiends to strike against the church.

The girl who was summoned from another world, Pella, wants nothing to do with her role as a holy maiden and only wants to return to her home world. The priests of the Pure White Holy Church know o her protests and are willing to do anything to keep her in Midra as their saint. Trapped in this world, Pella has no choice but to follow the church’s orders and eliminate the Cult of Flesh and Lust.

Game Introduction

【RitualSummon】is a 2D side-scrolling action game,

Players play as the original JK idol maiden who is called a Holy Maiden after being summoned to another world.

When fighting, you can freely switch between two weapons - longsword or large sword.

You can also use magic to fight.

Sacrifice the collected offerings to the goddess statue of the Grand Temple to receive blessings to enhance their abilities.

You can buy RitualSummon on Steam for $10.99.

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