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Launch a sex club inside an underground kingdom in La Cucaracha Studios’ The Sanctum, a simulation visual novel that's currently in development.

The Sanctum takes place in the underground city of Korthaven, a civilization run by the drow matriarchs, where slavery is banned in-name only. The story’s protagonist is an orc exterminator named Ragnar, who spends his days hunting down bugs and rodents ruining the city’s properties. His life changes drastically when he receives an unexpected package on one unassuming day. A rare elven slave arrives at his door, referring to him as master. She brings a formal letter revealing to Ragnar the story of his father, whom he’s never known.

As it turns out, Ragnar is the last son of a recently-deceased drow hero. His renowned father passed down his fortune to him in his will — but did so on a number of conditions. For now, Ragnar is granted a slave and a small sum, which are meant to help him manage the final project of his father's: a sex club located in an old temple, which Ragnar's father wasn't able to see through. If Ragnar follows his dad’s will, he stands to inherit even more of his immense wealth; however, the bastard son of mixed blood won't be viewed favorably in a pure drow society, making this task an even bigger challenge than it already seems.

Throughout the game, players will control Ragnar as he goes through the daily challenges of managing the sex club. For now, players can commit each day to either training one of the girls working at the club or pursuing a special, story-related activity. Either of these actions starts a new day, which also generates more funds based on the current state of the club: the more skilled the girls, the more money they earn, which in turn can be used to further upgrade the club. At the moment, this feature is limited to fixing the temple’s rooms, letting players rent them out to independent prostitutes. The money can also be used to unlock new outfits for the girls, letting players customize the lead heroines. In the game's current build, there're two girls helping Ragnar: a dedicated, experienced elf and a bratty human. More characters are slated to join in the future, including a muscular orc heroine.

Aside from its brothel management aspects, The Sanctum features segments with exploration elements more akin to adventure games. Players can explore various different locales, searching for clues by interacting with question marks. These segments come as part of the main story, which is told using a visual novel interface.

Despite its grim setting, The Sanctum features mainly consensual sex scenarios, even while depicting themes of slavery. Fetishes involve straight and lesbian pairings with vanilla sex, threesomes, prostitution, and BDSM play, with most scenes being animated.

A public demo of The Sanctum is available for PC, Mac, Linux and Android on Steam and You can find out more about the project on La Cucaracha Studios’ SubscribeStar page, where supporters may gain access to newer builds of the game.

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