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The crowdfunding campaign for Winter Wolves' newest visual novel, Tales from the Under-Realm: After Midnight, is now live on Kickstarter.

Tales From The Under-Realm: After Midnight is a dark, gothic visual novel with multiple endings. This game will be narrated by The Nameless God from Winter Wolves’ previous game, Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel. For this story, the focus will be on the life of a young female guard located in the town of Lothark. Things start to change when Nadja and Cynthia, a mother and daughter from Dingirra, arrive in town and take over a shady club called the House of Hands. Our heroine quickly takes an interest in the beautiful Cynthia, which causes Tara, her childhood friend and fellow guard, to grow jealous.

These uneasy emotions prove to be the least of her worries, as strange occurrences start unfolding around the town. The protagonist’s boss, Guard Captain Samael, keeps secrets in his basement. When his daughter, Evelyn, and three students from her magic school went snooping through the basement, only Evelyn made it out. A few days after that, the father of one of the missing students also disappears. Moreover, there was also a dead merchant found at Nadja’s place. Little does any in the town know that this is only the beginning of a string of murders that all happen after midnight. Just who is behind the murders and how does it relate to our heroine? Will she also become a victim of this mystery assailant?

Your choices will decide whether the protagonist ends up with Tara or Cynthia. You have the option to make them wear sexier outfits in the base game, with there also being plans for optional sex scenes. As of right now, 4 scenes have been planned out. More scenes might be added in when more progress has been made with the campaign's stretch goals.

Winter Wolves is asking for €4,000 ($4,226) to fund Tales From The Under-Realm: After Midnight. If they reach their goal before the deadline, the campaign still features two stretch goals to push for. As the Kickstarter progresses further, more stretch goals will be revealed. At €5,000 ($5,294), the game's protagonist will be given customization options; Winter Wolves is currently working on a character customization system that will change her skin and hair color. At €6,000 ($6,353), extra poses and outfits for Tara and Cynthia will be added into the game.

Additionally, if you plan on pledging money towards the Kickstarter, there are benefits available depending upon the tier.

At €1 ($1.06), backers will get a game wallpaper and their name in the credits.

At €10 ($10.59), backers will receive the previous tier rewards and a completed copy of the game on either or Steam.

At €15 ($15.88), backers will receive the previous rewards and the bonus DLC, which includes the game’s soundtrack and individual character wallpapers.

At €20 ($21.18), backers will receive a copy of the game, access to the beta on, a game wallpaper, and their name in the credits.

At €25 ($26.47), backers will receive a copy of the game, beta access on, bonus DLC, a game wallpaper, and their name in the credits.

At €50 ($52.95), backers will receive all previous tier rewards, a digital artbook, and a guide for the endings.

At €75 ($79.42), backers will receive rewards from the previous tiers and Steam keys for five Winter Wolves titles of their choice.

At €110 ($116.49), backers will receive the previous tier rewards and Steam keys for ten Winter Wolves titles of their choice.

The campaign for Tales From The Under-Realm: After Midnight is set to end on June 19th. As of this article's writing, they've currently raised €3,475 ($3,671) of their goal. You can learn more about the game on Kickstarter.

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