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Fantasy RPG Faylinn's Quest Now Available on Steam

A half-demon adventuress attempts to uncover the truth behind her powers in DDreams Games’ Faylinn's Quest, a fantasy RPG now available on Steam.

Faylinn's Quest follows the life of an adventuress whose curse allows her to turn into a demon. Hoping to learn more about her unwanted abilities, she searches for a dark mage known as The Ritualist by traveling the world.

The game breaks up Faylinn’s quest into three chapters, each with a slightly different style of play. Initially, the heroine will move to the town of Padavil, where players can freely decide how she’ll spend her time. The chapter's open-world approach gives Faylinn room to make friends, find romance, and accomplish a variety of quests, be it alone or with the company of another adventurer. There are more than ten unique companions with personal stories the player can ally with throughout the game. Players of DDreams Games’ previous titles, such as Dungeon Dreams or The Angel Inn, may even recognize some returning characters within the cast.

The game opens up further in the second chapter, pushing the players to explore the wider world. Whichever companions Faylinn brings with her on her travels affects how the story plays out, with up to four characters being able to accompany her at a time. Finally, the game draws towards a conclusion in chapter 3, once Faylinn’s secrets come to light.

To prepare Faylinn and her friends to face the dangers of dungeon exploration, players can create and customize a variety of equipment items, even up to their names and appearances. The game features procedurally-generated dungeons, turn-based battles, mini-games, multiple endings, and over a hundred erotic illustrations to discover. Players who complete the game can also access a new game plus mode afterwards.

Faylinn's Quest has been created thanks to the support given during a crowdfunding campaign, which allowed the team to raise over $26,000 in funding.

Faylinn's Quest is now available on Steam for $11.99.

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