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NekoNyanSoft has revealed six new titles during their panel at Anime Central.

Last night, NekoNyan held a panel at Anime Central 2022 to announce some new titles that they have been working on. Their first announcement was Secret Agent of the Knight Academy, a visual novel by ensemble. Our hero Mikage Jin is a part of a ninja family that has been responsible for Japan’s national security since the Edo period. Jin has been training since childhood so he could become a secret agent like his mother. He is tasked with infiltrating Touka Academy to investigate a series of incidents perpetrated by someone called the “Bat.” Together with his AI partner Momoka, Jin successfully enters the school and is able to perform his investigation without arousing the suspicions of his fellow classmates. However, things go wrong when his classmate, Kanon learns of his true identity. Jin expected this to mean he failed his mission, but he is surprised when Kanon makes a request: “Please, make me a ninja!” Will Jin be able to carry out his mission after his cover was blown?

The second announcement will be NekoNyan’s first non-visual novel title, Lorena and the Land of Ruins. Developed by the one man dev-team Shimenwa, the game is a third-person platformer and shooter. Lorena becomes an adventurer to earn enough money to cure her sister’s disease. She later encounters Xeera, an eccentric scientist who is researching The Divine Dragon, an ancient relic that had once flown into the sky. The two of them join forces to revive The Divine Dragon to unearth its secrets and the secrets of many other relics.

The third announcement is Saga Planets’ romantic visual novel Floral Flowlove. There is a saying, “If I can be in a relationship with one of these angels, then I know my life will be paradise!” Saisu Masataka isn’t the type of guy to believe in angels, but he meets a bunch of girls who certainly fit the description. His childhood friend Mihato Kano showers him with affection, but she is high classed and certainly out of his league. Another friend of his, Tokisaka Nanao has black hair and the body of a model, but she is so cold to people. She is often called the “aloof angel.” Adelheid von Bergstrasse is a real princess with the voice of an angel, but her laziness can cause problems. Tsubaki Kohane is a devout Christian with an angelic personality, and Masataka believes she is too good for him.

He is surrounded by all these angels, but perhaps that is his fate. Afterall, he is able to see wings on people’s backs. When a person is benevolent, he will see angel wings, but when they act with malicious intent, he will see devil wings. Masataka has had this ability ever since he was a child, when he met an angel for the first time.

The fourth announcement is another game by Saga Planets called Kakenuke Seishun Sparking. Yuu Tono is a second year student at Kazami Academy. While everyone else at his age are enjoying their youth, he has other priorities. Yuu is a realist who excels in his studies and spends most of his time earning money at his part time job. Unable to watch as he throws away his youth, his childhood friend Hibiki and Riri, a classmate who looks up to Yuu, try to convince him to join a club.

Hibiki suggests the Activity Club, or Act Club for short. It consists of a bunch of upbeat girls who strive to enjoy youth and enjoy their school lives. Riri recommends the “Volunteer Club,” also known as “Negative Club.” This club is made up of hard working girls who devote their youth to improving the world. These two clubs restlessly try to recruit Yuu and try to make him enjoy his youth. What sort of “youth” will he find as he gets dragged around by these pushy clubs?

The fifth announcement is Asa Project’s Ren’ai X Royale. Komachi Hirotaka goes through life on a simple routine. He dodges his underclassman’s advances, accidentally hits on the student council president, and chases idols. A confession broke this routine. “I, transfer student Hanamaru Mari, love you, Komachi Hiro-kun! Please go out with me!” With this dramatic declaration, Mari has caused a conflict around Hirotaka. Sparks are flying between the girls who have their hearts set on him. Little does Hirotaka know, a battle royale has begun and the prize is the chance to be his girlfriend. The girls will do anything in this war of love, from petty slights to underhanded methods. Which one will the goddess of victory smile upon?

The final announcement is Irotoridori no Sekai, or Irosekai for short. Developed by FAVORITE, Irosekai follows Kanoue Yuuma, an amnesiac with the power to heal any and all wounds, and Nikaidou Shinku, a translucent girl who gave him that power. His power has a downside. Whenever he uses it, he loses some of his memories. His days go about like normal: he goes to school and gets scolded by his childhood friend Kisaragi Mio, during the day and works with his master, Natsume Suzu, during the evenings. Whenever he goes to sleep, Yuuma has the same dream. In a white world with feathers, a girl pleads for him to save her.

At the academy, there is a special door in the basement that connects to numerous parallel worlds. Yuuma traveled from world to world to find one exactly like his dream, but he was unsuccessful. One night, while he was taking a stroll around town, he spotted a girl jumping from the lighthouse. After healing her, she wakes up, tells him that she knows about him and his powers, and, just like the girl from his dreams, she says, "Please, save me, Kanoue Yuuma."

You can see the announcements on NekoNyanSoft’s Twitter.

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