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Match-Three Puzzle Game Brain Exam with Benefits Releases on Steam

Cute Pen Games’ casual match-three puzzle game, Brain Exam with Benefits, is now available on Steam.

In Brain Exam with Benefits, you'll be working with the brain examiner, Annie. If you manage to impress her by completing her tests, she might show you her sexier side. For each session with Annie, she'll let you choose the location of the test, with your options being between the office, university, or even home. Additionally, there are four tests for you to choose from: chemistry, pushups, cooking, and PE. Show off your charm and intellect to make Annie submit — or fail miserably.

To win against Annie, you'll need to increase her affection before you run out of turns. Each of the different tiles have different attributes: for instance, hourglasses give you more time, hearts increase Annie’s affection, stars increase your exam points, and thunderbolt cards will increase your cheat sheet bonus multiplier. There are other obstacles in your way, but you can use your different skills to aid you. If you're successful, Annie will reward you with benefits in the form of erotic CGs. All the CGs you have earned can be viewed through the in-game gallery.

Brain Exam with Benefits is a lighthearted Match 3 game with Annie, a professional brain examiner who has a sexy side. Impress her with your smartness to charm her into submission, or fail pathetically.


- Hyper-polished Match 3 gameplay with attention to detail.

- Lots of ways to explore Annie's sexy side.

- High quality CG with lots of "plot" after each match!

- Failure to progress is also progress.

- No empty grind, when you're playing you'll be having fun.

You can buy Brain Exam with Benefits on Steam for a discount of $2.69. After May 24th, the sale will end and the price will return to its original sales price of $2.99.

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