Going in dry

Survive a post-apocalyptic world as the last man on Earth in Shelter 69, now available on Steam.

Made by the developer of Pocket Waifu, JNT Games' free-to-play management game Shelter 69 puts you in the shoes of a man who prepared for the apocalypse. When the time came, he expected nukes to go off and the Earth to be set ablaze. Upon leaving his bunker, he did not see a nuclear winter nor a sun on the brink of fading out. Instead, he entered a world where every man, except for himself, had died out.

You will need to expand your shelter if you want to welcome anyone into your group. Transform an old and decrepit building into an impenetrable fortress. Recruit women into your shelter and increase your intimacy with them. There is a lot of land left for you to explore and conquer, and over forty girls who may want to join your ranks. Send them out to search for resources and fight strange monsters. Help them out and they will express their appreciation with a variety of sex scenes.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your base of operations. From an old, derelict safehouse to a full-blown, high-tech fortress, scour the wastelands for resources, carefully plan the layout and reach the heights you deserve.


As the (possibly) last surviving male on the continent, you have more than just new lands to conquer. More than 40 girls across the wastes may yet join your cause and provide bounties unheard of – listen to them, forge relationships that could outlast nuclear fire and reap the sweet rewards.


Technocrats enslave the few surviving male specimens in underground laboratories, trappers roam the green, untouched wilds and mystery cults still await the return of a promised messiah – an unshackled, unsullied Man. It is up to you to navigate the maze of a new world and uncover mysteries of the old one across more than fifty story-driven campaign missions.

You can find Shelter 69 on Steam to play for free.

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