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MaraStudio’s side-scrolling action RPG, Iris Covenant - To the Depths of the Earth is now available on DLsite.

Iris Covenant - To the Depths of the Earth is an action RPG developed by MaraStudio, who also created Lunatia’s Covenant - Pale White Agent. In the game, a dungeon swarming with monsters was discovered in a small village, outside the Kingdom of Forvinnia. After many monster attacks and missing villager reports, the king was finally informed about the monster’s den. To put the villagers' minds at ease, he called upon all adventurers in the land: if any were able to eradicate the monsters within the dungeon, they would be rewarded handsomely.

There are three playable characters to choose from — one male and two female — with the game's events and adult animations changing depending upon the chosen character. You will also be able to choose your character class, such as mage, warrior, thief, etc. This will decide the equipment and stats that you start the game with. As you explore through the dungeons, you can defeat enemies and find treasures. After killing an enemy, you can recruit their corpse by using Soul Contract. These corpses will become your new allies and fight alongside you.


Dungeon Adventure ARPG

You can select the gender of the main character, and the event will change depending on the gender.

Enemy characters other than the main boss can be ally with the skill of you.

Round Bonus and Multiple Endings.

Some characters can be unlocked in the 2nd Round.

*Erotic Scenes

There is a heroine half-naked mode, and over 50 erotic scenes in total.

Mainly defeat insult, mind control and normal play.

You buy Iris Covenant - To the Depths of the Earth on DLsite for 1,980¥ (approx. $15.34). There is also a demo available if you want to try the game out for yourself. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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