Keeping things informal as well as infernal

A young man remains oblivious as his wife develops an affair with a vampire in Hyanmaru Games’ garage:VAMP, a NTR visual novel published by TinyHat Studios on Steam.

The story of garage:VAMP centers around a simple everyday couple: a young blond-haired man and his loving wife Mina. The two of them have a good life with a place of their own, but also face an unusual problem — there’s a vampire living in their garage. Vladimiro doesn’t cause much issue at first, and for the longest time, the husband remains unaware of his real intentions.

The vampire is highly interested in the protagonist’s wife, and it doesn’t take long before he puts his hands on Mina in her husband’s absence. Having sex with the inhuman being causes her to develop a taste for unnatural pleasures. Being able to transform into different creatures with various forms of endowment, Vladimiro offers Mina what no man can give her, and certainly not her husband, who’s slowly realizing Mina’s growing depravity over the course of the story.

You may not live the most glamorous life- but you've got your own place, a loving wife, and a stable job. What more could you ask for? Yet, this peaceful life is about to get a lot more complicated thanks to the presence of a certain supernatural stowaway. You see- you've got a vampire in your garage and he only has one thing on his mind- your wife. Trek down through a depraved rabbit hole of debauchery and betrayal in this erotic visual novel!

As the days unfold, so too does this debauched drama. Each day brings new temptations, delights, and a step further into corruption. Written, directed, and drawn by a single visionary artist, the narrative is intimate and focused, delivering a concise but effective experience!


- STEAMY ART, enjoy a number of sizzling hot sex scenes, as illustrated by hassel nut!

- SUPERNATURAL SUSPENSE, mystery meets monster tale in this thrilling story!

- SHOCKS & SUCKER PUNCHES, packed with plenty of bittersweet cuckold twists & turns!

Garage:VAMP is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.49 until May 23rd, at which point it will cost $4.99.

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