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Survival Horror Game Afterschool Tag Now Available on DLsite

A young man investigates an abandoned school to impress his friends in dottoru_’s Afterschool Tag, a survival horror game now available on DLsite.

Afterschool Tag begins with a simple dare between two boys: Shota, who has long since been seen as far too cowardly by his peers, and his best friend. To help Shota become courageous, his friend challenges him to visit the abandoned school at night. If Shota doesn’t comply, his friend threatens to no longer hang out with him, forcing the young man to try his best.

Shota goes into the school as promised, hoping to quickly grab something from the school as proof and leave; however, soon after he enters, he’s forced into a game of tag by a ghost. If Shota manages to hide until 6 AM, he’ll allowed to leave the school; if ends up being caught, he'll be abused by the female ghosts roaming the school's abandoned hallways.

The game plays out on a sidescrolling 2D plane. The player has to guide Shota for 5 in-game hours while successfully outmaneuvering the ghosts. The school is made up of four floors, each with different facilities and classrooms that can be explored. Ghosts will sporadically appear in Shota’s path, prompting the player to run away and hide. Helpful consumable items can be found throughout the school, such as batteries for the flashlight, water that restores the stamina needed to run, or even cardboard boxes to hide in. Up to two of these items can be held at a given moment.

Afterschool Tag features an estimated 1-2 hours of playtime and 12 erotic animations to discover. An additional weakling mode allows players to increase brightness within the level, minimizing darkness even when the flashlight runs out.

Afterschool Tag is available on DLsite for $6.81 (estimated from ¥880). Additionally, a demo of the game is available on the store page.

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