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Four men must defeat a group of succubi to save their town in Succubi’s Trap Dungeon of Seduction, an RPG now available on Steam.

Succubi’s Trap Dungeon of Seduction is an RPG Maker game developed by ドライドリーム and published by WASABI entertainment. In the game's world, the town of Kazanstall was once known for raising the future’s next generation warriors. Every young man held dreams of becoming swordsmen, monks, spell casters, and martial artists. On one ordinary morning, Mirai woke up as usual, expecting to meet up with his childhood friends and fellow monster slayer trainees. Suddenly, flocks of succubi descended upon the town. Nobody was prepared for the attack, so all the men were kidnapped, with the fate of the women being unknown. Little did Mirai know, the succubi had been planning their attack from the beginning: they disguised themselves as humans, infiltrated the town, and bided their time until they had the power to take over the town.

When Mirai woke up, he was locked inside a prison and stripped of all his weapons and armor, just like the other monster slayers. Mirai will need to team up with his companions, Tsubasa, Kai, and Kaoru, to escape the succubi’s nest and take back Kazanstall. There are various traps hidden around the nest, disguised as both humans and various objects. Players will have to fight the succubi and avoid their traps if they're to escape successfully.

【Main Characters】



He has a cute face and is popular with girls.

He lost his parents in war and lives on his own right now.

Mirai aims to become a spell caster because his father was a profound wizard.

Despite his adorable looks, he has a brave personality,

and he has the courage to go against life's hardship.


Tsubasa wants to become a swordsman. He has a leader-like position within his group of friends.

He is incredibly bright and has a cool, collected personality.

However, there are times that his body moves before he can think things through.

Tsubasa has known Mirai for a long while and has been taking good care of him.

Because he cares for Mirai so much, he gets into fights with Marill often.


Kai is a passionate fellow who wants to become a martial artist.

Just like Mirai, Kai lost his parents when he was younger because of a war.

The similar circumstances they share allowed them to become friends.

Perhaps because of his eager desire to become independent as soon as possible,

Kai is rarely in town. He is usually training every day from dawn to dusk.

Thanks to his vigorous training, he is the strongest out of the four men.


Kaoru is a cowardly boy who wants to become a monk.

He takes care of the horses in his barn. He is a son of a rich family.

Kaoru cares for his friends a lot and he pursued a career as a monk because he wanted to protect everyone.

His mother died of an illness, so there is a part of him that misses her a lot.


Marill is the aristocratic daughter of the mayor of Kazanstall.

She has known Mirai since they were children. She likes Mirai, but cannot be honest with her feelings.

She is worried about Mirai, who has decided to become a spell caster since his parents' deaths during the war.

She may look like she has a strong personality, but inside she is quite vulnerable.

It's her dream to marry Mirai in the future.

She has an older sister who is beautiful and gentle.

You can buy Succubi’s Trap Dungeon of Seduction on sale for $11.99 on Steam. After May 20th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $14.99. You can also download the game's 18+ patch over on WASABI entertainment’s site.

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