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Watch a loyal husband discover his cuckoldry fetish in Indecent Wife Hana, a comedy visual novel currently in development by FallenEros.

Indecent Wife Hana is a comedic, slice-of-life visual novel about Tatsuki, a caring salary man discovering his unexpected fetishes. Tatsuki has been working hard all his life to provide for his wife, Hana. He’s rather lacking in self-esteem, often taking on overtime work and helping everyone out without demanding anything in return. This kindhearted nature of his was what made Hana fall for him.

The two of them spend their days together in a quite peace, until one night, when Tatsuki mentions a friend in need. A young man named Yuma is going to start college in their town and is looking for a place to stay. The two of them already know him, having had him over at their house when he was just a child. As such, they decide to invite him over again and give him a place to stay during his studies.

Despite the many years since they saw each other, Hana still sees Yuma as a child. When they first meet again, she pampers him, being unexpectedly brash. Seeing the young man suffocating between his wife’s breasts, Tatsuki can’t help but feel something welling up within him. Initially, he asks Hana to act more decently around Yuma, who himself isn’t used to dealing with women. As more time passes, though, Hana ends up offering to teach Yuma about sex and romance, realizing that watching them would be a real thrill for Tatsuki.

Indecent Wife Hana has been in development for a few months now. The game's latest release, v0.5, features a story spanning 17,000 words in length, 9 main scenes, and a total of 58 CGs, which includes variants. Plans for future versions of the visual novel include 19 key CG illustrations and a total of 100+ images, 4 first-person scenes from Hana’s perspective, two endings, and support for resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.

The visual novel is being made by a sole developer known as Fallen Eros, who was inspired to create his own stories by classic Japanese adult videos. Despite his interest in NTR themes, his goal is to keep them as lighthearted as possible, as shown by the comedic nature of Indecent Wife Hana.

You can download the public demo of Indecent Wife Hana for PC, Mac and Linux from Itch.io. If you’d like to learn more about the visual novel and support its development, you can do so by visiting FallenEros’ Patreon. Supporters can gain early access to future builds and various art assets, as well as voting in polls to help decide the game's direction.

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