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Save a holy maiden from the curse of undeath in P.+’s The Dead End, an action RPG published by Kagura Games on Steam, Denpasoft, and their own storefront.

The Dead End is a dark-fantasy RPG that tasks players with exploring a cursed dungeon. Long ago, the dungeon was built by a witch, who hid within the depths and cursed its hallways so that any intruders who perished within would turn into mindless undead. Nevertheless, as the dungeon is filled with riches, the greed of adventurers still compels them to venture into its deadly corridors.

To save the most unfortunate explorers and prevent the undead population from growing, a special group of rescuers was established: the human recovery agents. These skilled combatants enter the dungeon to recover fallen warriors or their remains, with the story’s protagonist being a part of this team. Soon after joining the organization, he’s tasked with recovering the body of a holy maiden. The mission is abundantly clear: if she’s become an undead, she'll have to be reduced to a corpse.

The gameplay of The Dead End features action RPG combat and survival elements. Players have to explore the dungeon while collecting items and swinging their weapons at roaming monsters. The game encourages moving quickly through the dungeon, as lost adventurers awaiting rescue will turn into shambling zombies if too much time passes before they’re found. At the same time, rushing ahead is unwise, as the protagonist needs to eat and drink, forcing them to scavenge for resources as they delve deeper into the dungeon. Should the player fall, they'll become cursed with undeath until cleansed by the holy waters of the church.

A dungeon survival adventure with real-time stakes!

Your belly grows empty, and your throat grows dry as you move through the deep. Push too far, and you might find yourself starving to death. Be too cautious, and you might find your potential clients lost to undeath!

Real-time combat with a variety of tools!

A top-down adventure that requires positioning and clever use of resources. Plant bombs, hurl fire, or just cut enemies down with your sword! Return your spoils to the surface to make a fortune!

Puzzling dungeoneering!

Dodge traps, light your way, and discover all manner of adventuring tools to help you traverse the treacherous depths of the dungeon!

The Dead End is now available on Kagura Games, Steam, and Denpasoft for $13.49 until May 20th, at which point it will cost $14.99. Adult content for the Steam version of the game has to be installed separately using a free patch available on the publisher’s website.

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