Clean up for the next guy

A mature woman pretends to be an experienced lover in INTERHEART glossy’s visual novel, Nagori Rokudo Striving to be her ideal self, now available on Steam.

Nagori Rokudo Striving to be her ideal self -The inexperienced love life of a hard-to-get psychology lecturer- follows the prideful, yet awkward perfectionist, Rokudo, as she begins her first relationship. The mature woman has always been attractive, to the point that she seemed unapproachable to her peers. Her demeanor often causes her to unintentionally confuse men and instill jealousy in other women. As a result, she’s never been in a relationship.

One day, while giving lectures at the university, she’s approached by a younger man who reveals his romantic feelings to her. Rokudo accepts his proposal and goes out with him, only to demand that they move in together on their first date. Despite having no prior romantic experience, she takes the lead in bed and attempts to poise herself as a skilled lover, just as she imagines a perfect woman would be. The linear visual novel explores her attempts to please her lover, making use of skills she developed using toys and vegetables, as she learns more about the needs and desires of men.

This is the story of a virgin looking to become her ideal self!It is a romance in which she tries to seem experienced in love but actually isn't!

1) Nagori's true self -

The heroine, Nagori Rokudo, is a gorgeous woman.

She seems hard-to-get, driving many men crazy and making many women envious.

However, she's actually still a virgin.

She looks like an unattainable gorgeous lady, but actually is an inexperienced beginner.

As the hero confesses his love to her, she gets together with him to learn about men's psychology, but nothing goes well.

Enjoy seeing her complicated nature.

2) Having sex, the gorgeous woman's way -

She's a virgin but takes the lead in bed.

She isn't very experienced but dominates and has sex utilizing a technique she had practiced with a cucumber.

Actually, she always tries her best. Relax and enjoy her story.

3) Nagori's progression -

What will Nagori think after dating the hero? How will she change and can she still remain a highly-prized woman?

Pride or pure love...what will she get in the end? See for yourself.

This is the story of a woman's progress who has trouble in love.

Nagori Rokudo Striving to be her ideal self -The inexperienced love life of a hard-to-get psychology lecturer- is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $22.49, where it will later cost $24.99.

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