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A woman aims to find the truth behind her parents’ death in Mysteries of Showbiz - Sth Room Case, an investigative game now available on Steam.

In Mysteries of Showbiz - Sth Room Case, a woman named Chen Ruoxia lost her happy childhood after her parents died in a fire. The source of the fire remains unknown, with the only clue she has being a piece of letters with the words “Chen-Yu News” written on it. Intent on finding the truth, she joined Chen-Yu News and was tasked with investigating the ‘suicide’ of a popular young actress, Su Nian. In order to find out what happened to Su Nian, Chen Ruoxia must follow in her footsteps.

As she gets closer to the people in Su Nian's life, she realizes just how corrupt and dirty the entertainment industry is. During her task, she'll be confronted with the worst of the industry: self-righteous scouts, malicious agents, and senior actresses who flaunt their power. They'll look at her with greedy eyes and demand that she pay for business opportunities with her own body. There are more unexplained mysteries that connect to Su Nian’s death, including a special app called “Room S '' and a strange purple liquid known as “soul lose". The question still remains: just what happened to Su Nian and how does this relate to the fire that killed Chen Ruoxia’s parents?

◆Gameplay Instructions

There are multiple options in the main storyline and each choice will affect the final ending.

As the plot develops, explorable areas will gradually open up. The protagonist can choose to [Think] about the current situation, to [Examine] the items she has collected, to [Explore] another location, or to [Take a break] to proceed directly to the main plot in the morning before heading to the designated location. In the process, she gradually collects ‘clues to the truth’ and pieces together the whole story.

◆Game Features

◇16 basic CGs, including more than 180 differentials

◇Game text: 80,000

◇One main female character and two secondary female characters

◇Deduction and the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry themed game

◇Game endings: 5 types (including a ‘virgin’ ending)

You can buy Mysteries of Showbiz - Sth Room Case on Steam for the discounted price of $7.19. The sale will end on May 17th and the price will increase back up to $7.99.

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