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Cherry: Clown Hunter Chapter 2 Released on Itch.io for Free

Get your revenge against the Clown King in Cherry: Clown Hunter Chapter 2, an action game now available on Itch.io.

Developed by Red Pines Corp, the creator of Nobunaga: Sakura’s Blossom, comes the sequel to Mint: Clown Hunter Chapter 1: Cherry: Clown Hunter Chapter 2. The game continues from where the first entry left off, with players taking the role of a mushroom who swore revenge against the Clown King for murdering their family. In order to even get to him, you must defeat his Clown Girl minions first.

Throughout each chapter, you must defeat a Clown Girl six times to complete the chapter. In the first game, you fought the first girl, Mint; in this one, players will face the flat-chested, flame-wielding clown girl, Cherry. Gameplay takes place from a top-down perspective, where you'll have to attack Cherry to reduce her health bar. After you attack her, she'll turn invisible and move to a different location before she reappears and charges at you. Maneuver around her attacks and the flames on the ground to avoid damage; you can also remove the flames by attacking or dashing over them. Dashing over Cherry will stun her and make her change location.

After you defeat Cherry for the first time, other enemies will appear outside of the clowns’ hideout. You can farm them for health or obtain item drops from them. These items include weapons and other miscellaneous things, such as a plank, mug, a brush, etc. If you give a clown girl the right item, you'll earn the right to an erotic CG.

In Chapter II, follow the ClownHunter in his revenge against the Clown King, but be aware that you'll have to fight his not really dangerous minions, the Clown Girls.

You can download Cherry: Clown Hunter Chapter 2 for free on Itch.io.

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