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Z4non Releases Public Build for I Found a Sweet Mermaid on

A beautiful mermaid washes up on the shore in I Found a Sweet Mermaid, a visual novel with an early build now available on

I Found a Sweet Mermaid is a visual novel with short 2D animations. The protagonist is Tom (whose name can be changed), a man living by the sea who spends much of his time enjoying the view on the beach. One day, while he was returning from one of his walks around the beach, he heard somebody groaning in pain. After scouring the area, he found a woman who was collapsed on the sand, breathing heavily. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that she sported a fish tail and had gills where her ears should be. Tom is shocked by the sight of her, promptly assuming she was wearing a costume. When he tried to ask her a few questions, she lost consciousness. With no other options, Tom picked her up and carried her home. As his hand slipped across the scales of her tail, he realized that she might be a real mermaid.

Currently, there are plans for more player-driven choices to be added into the game during its development. Based on your choices, you can end up finding different H-scenes and endings. The current public build of the game is version 0.1, with public build v0.2 currently slated for a June 1st release.

I Found A Sweet Mermaid is a visual novel for ages 18+. The game has short 2D animations with uncensored nsfw content.


On a regular walk along the beach, you will find something incredible. Beautiful girls and... A MERMAID!

According to your choices you can get hot scenes and interesting adventure.

You can play the v0.1 public build of I Found a Sweet Mermaid over on If you want access to the most recent builds of the game, consider checking out Z4non’s Patreon page.

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