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Raise an army of undead and build a harem in Undead Craving, an RPG dating sim currently being developed by Imadori.

Undead Craving takes place inside the virtual world of an abandoned MMORPG. Now left to their own devices, the NPCs within the game began living out their lives. The protagonist has died in their past and existed only as emotionless undead — at least until the Demon King approached them. Hoping to restore his army of seven sins, he offers the protagonist the role of Lust, which he accepts. Now harboring desires he once lost, the protagonist embarks to master his demonic powers and prove himself to the Demon King.

Undead Craving was inspired by games that mix RPG elements with life simulation games, such as combat-heavy farming sims. The game will largely focus on its dating sim aspects, as Lust’s desires don’t affect just him, but also others around him. The protagonist will also have to prove himself in action gameplay challenges to win the favor of NPCs and meet the Demon King’s expectations.

Recently, the game’s developer, Imadori, released the first public demo for this project. This build of Undead Craving features a short prologue segment, wherein the protagonist enters a dream world to discover his newfound powers. There he comes across Nakano, a mysterious girl who acts as his guide in this realm. Aside from exploration and dialogue, the demo features a short RTS segment, where the player has to guide an army of undead against roaming parties of warriors. Defeated enemies can be revived, with the goal of amassing a hundred undead, followed by amassing three hundred total. Fulfilling the first goal awards the player an erotic scene.

In the future, the game will feature a day and night cycle, townspeople offering daily activities, unique events for major characters, and dating sim mechanics. The game will also feature a monthly fertility schedule for its female characters, who will react to the effects of defloration and unwanted cramps.

Imadori has described themselves as an experienced programmer who assisted other developers on gaming projects in the past. Working on Undead Craving is their passion project, which they were inspired to attempt after spending hundreds of hours playing H-games in their youth: especially those developed by AliceSoft.

The public demo of Undead Craving is available on If you’d like to learn more about the game and support its development, visit Imadori’s Patreon page.

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