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Two cat girls arrive to help a writer with their first sexual experience in CHAOS-L’s Neko Night, a nukige visual novel now up for pre-order on JAST USA.

Neko Night is a nukige visual novel developed by CHAOS-L, the creator of Meteor Pendulum Heart, where you play as a freelance writer. Your next job involves writing about your first sexual experience, but you don’t have any experience to begin with. Just as you start to fabricate an entire story, someone knocks on your door. Upon opening the door, you encounter a catgirl who is completely soaked from the rain. She apparently knows you and claims that she was sent on a mission from god to make a baby with you.

Later on, another catgirl arrives at your door with the same mission as the previous one. The two catgirls are Vanille, a small-chested catgirl with messy blue hair, and Nera, a dark skinned cat girl with straight pink hair. Both of them aim to win your heart and your virginity. Whether this all turns out to be a dream or not, you don’t care: you may as well enjoy your time with the two cat girls. After all, they might even prove to be an inspiration for your writing.


It was business as usual in your life as a freelance writer, until you were tasked with writing about your first sexual experience. You try your best, but how can you write about something that never happened?

There is a knock at your door. Who could it be?

Standing at your doorstep, drenched from the rain, is a young, beautiful... catgirl?! She seems to know you, yet you have no recollection of her. She claims to be on a devine mission - to make a baby with you! But she's not the only unexpected guest. A second catgirl shows up soon after with the same higher calling...


- A fun nukige story from Chaos-L, maker of Meteor Pendulum Heart.

- Sensual ASMR scenes, best enjoyed through your headphones.

- Fully voiced (of course) with steamy breaths, loving licks, and plenty of sexy noises.

- Catgirls!

Neko Night is set to release on May 31st. You can pre-order the game on JAST USA for the discounted price of $16.99.

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