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Furry Clicker Eroge Only Furry 18+ Is Available on Steam

Earn money so you can make social media posts in BanzaiProject’s Only Furry 18+.

Only Furry 18+ is part of BanzaiProject’s OnlyFap series, with the goal of the game being similar to that of OnlyFap Simulator. Instead of a normal human girl, the main character for this one is a furry girl with animal ears and a fuzzy tail. It's your job to help her make enough money so she can post lewd pictures and videos. After each post she makes, the price to make another one will increase. Eventually, you will need to look through her analytics and hire a manager to help build her fanbase.

Whenever you click, you will earn money to be used on the furry girl. If you wish to increase how much you're earning, you'll need to buy marketing level ups, upgrade your retention and marketing profits, and hire managers to improve your clicking capabilities. When you reach the goal, you will receive a sexy 3D picture or animation via a post. Each new goal will cost more than the last one, so manage your funds wisely.

Only Furry 18+ is a casual clicker adult game that looks like a popular social media.

You should help main character to earn enough money to make a post. But she doesn`t look like a usual girl. She is more interesting!

After each level an amount of post becomes higher, and you need to hire manager and do analytics to build a huge fan base.

After every reached goal you will get a beautiful 3D picture or awesome 3D animation with girl.

Game Features:

- Setting like popular social media

- Incredible clicker mechanics

- Beautiful female main character

- Awesome 3D animations & art

- Hire managers to help clicking for you

- Unlock upgrades to boost profits

You can purchase Only Furry 18+ on Steam for $6.99.

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