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Two parts of A Housewife’s Healing Touch are available for pre-order and the game’s prologue was released for free on JAST USA.

A Housewife’s Healing Touch is a visual novel eroge that is being released in three parts. A Housewife’s Healing Touch - Prologue is an introduction to the story that you can download for free. A Housewife’s Healing Touch - NTR Route and A Housewife’s Healing Touch - Pure Love Route are two standalone games with two different protagonists.

In The Pure Love Route, you play as Shion, a young man unable to manifest magical powers, even though he is at the proper age. He was sent to live with a family that specialized in researching magic, but he ended up losing control of his power during a terrible incident. After that, Shion was left under the care of Rui, a skilled healer who is tasked with helping him control his powers. In order for him to control his powers, he needs to learn about carnal matters first. By teaching Shion how to please a woman and taking his virginity, Rui is breaking her marriage vows until he is able to master his powers.

In order to advance the story in this route, move Shion around the map and collect EP by defeating demons that appear through the magical gate. When you gather enough EP, you will trigger the next chapter. You are able to hunt demons during the night or day, but they will be much stronger if you fight them during the night. Shion will automatically defeat any demon he faces, but after each fight, his endurance and magical power will decrease. Make sure to leave the gate before Shion is exhausted.

In the NTR Route, you play as Souya, Rui’s husband. Gou, his father and the head of the village, has his eyes on his unsatisfied wife and he is waiting for the perfect opportunity to impregnate her. To accomplish his goal, Gou pulls other village men into a plan to violate Rui. As she endures their endless advances, she is slowly corrupted mentally and physically. Can Souya save his wife or will she become the village’s fuck toy?

In this game, you will make decisions that will decide Rui’s fate. If you choose incorrectly, the Couple Bond between Souya and Rui will decrease. If it gets too low, you will be locked out of choosing favorable options. The Couple Bond can be restored by visiting Rui’s clinic. You control whether their relationship stays strong or falls apart.

A Housewife’s Healing Touch was directed and developed by Alicesoft’s Furin, creator of Oyako Rankan, Heartful Mama, Haha Ranman, the Tsuma series and famous for his dedication to the depiction of alluring, mature women. It’s a narrative-driven adventure game set in a fantasy world, starring a motherly, bewitching married woman.

The game features two story branches, the Pure Love Route and NTR Route.

The game’s Prologue is shared by both routes and can be downloaded for free, to get a taste of what the game has to offer.

The Prologue is also included in both the Pure Love Route and the NTR Route to offer the full story to the owners of any package.

You can download A House Wife’s Healing Touch - Prologue on JAST USA for free. A House Wife’s Healing Touch - Pure Love Route and A House Wife’s Healing Touch - NTR Route will be released on May 27th. You can pre-order them for $11.99 each.

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