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An elven maid seeks a way home through an ever-changing dungeon in Aria and the Secret of the Labyrinth, a roguelike RPG published by Dieselmine on Steam.

Aria and the Secret of the Labyrinth is a roguelike RPG about the plight of an elvish maid who’s accidentally transported to a corrupt town. The heroine is a free-spirited and laid-back maid, yet despite her tendency to take naps at work, she diligently completes all of her master’s chores. This dedication leads her into trouble when she discovers a secret room underneath the mansion. Ordered to clean the basement, she decides to clean the newfound room as well. As she enters it, she spots a mysterious figure that quickly disappears. While trying to find what happened to that person, Aria activates a teleport of some sort, transporting herself into the middle of a town she’s never seen before.

The mysterious city is full of people, but many of them have corrupt morals and are often distrustful of others. The first person Aria comes across is a man assaulting a woman, whom she saves only to be told off. Thankfully, not everyone is completely heartless: by asking around, Aria soon finds out that the only way to leave the town is by reaching the end of a dungeon in the north part of town. It is an incredibly dangerous labyrinth, which constantly changes, making each attempt to move through it a new challenge.

The player’s task in Aria and the Secret of the Labyrinth is to reach the end of this dungeon while taking care of Aria and her needs. Our heroine’s strength depends mostly on her equipment, which can be found or bought and then upgraded. Combat plays out using simultaneous turns: whenever Aria moves or swings her weapon, other creatures in the dungeon can act as well. To make it through the labyrinth, Aria will not only have to fight the monsters, but also take care of her hunger and keep repairing her clothes.

In controlling Aria, one has to act carefully, as both the dungeon and the town are full of predators, looking out to abuse her the moment she lets her guard down. Aria and the Secret of the Labyrinth features hardcore erotic scenes, including among others rape, ryona, sexual slavery and bestiality.

Aria and the Secret of the Labyrinth is a roguelike RPG with turn-based combat.

Collect various item with powerful effect and upgrade your equipment to overcome

the ever-changing dungeon!


While Aria,the maid of the mansion was cleaning the dusty basement,she discovered a mysterious hidden room.

As she hoping to find some treasure and explores the hidden room, she found a mysterious intruder!

However,the intruder disappeared right away and when she tried to find out the cause, she was sent to

a mysterious place!

Will Aria able to escape from this ominous city and return to her mansion?

Aria and the Secret of the Labyrinth is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $19.99 until May 10th, after which point it will cost $13.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a patch available through the publisher’s Twitter. A demo of the game is available on the store page.

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