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Get married or surrender your soul to Satan in Sumooli Island Inc.’s One Hell of a Week, available on Steam and

In One Hell of a Week, a letter appears on your doorstep with a ticket to Hawaii. You don’t question why it is here or who it was from, but you don’t really care. Instead of looking into the shady origins of the ticket, you head straight to the airport and fly your way over to Hawaii. You’re excited for your free vacation when you are suddenly approached by Satan, the King of Demons. He tells you that he left the ticket for you and, by accepting it, you signed a non-negotiable contract with him. You must find the love of your life and marry her within the week, without mention of the contract, or else Satan will claim your soul. There’s also the option to pay him millions of dollars to nullify the contract, but you can’t afford that. So, good luck and have fun in your tropical paradise.

The game has a large map with multiple locations for you to navigate and meet up with girls. Collect items to help you in your quest for soul-saving marriage. There are four girls you can marry and two girls you can enter into a “questionable” relationship with. The main four love interests are Alani, Cho, Eva, and Nyarai. Additionally, there are 15 different endings and over 50 CGs to collect.


- 4 girls to marry, 2 girls to enter questionable relationships with.

- Game Map to explore.

- Phone for calling and texting.

- Inventory/Backpack featuring collectable items to help in your journey.

- Featuring 50+ CG's to keep your gameplay as entertaining as possible.

- Featuring 50+ BG's to keep your gameplay fun.

- 15(?) different endings.

- Small but fun mini-games.

Honestly if you're looking for a funny, dramatic, wholesome, sexy game this is for you.

You can buy One Hell of a Week on Steam for $15.99 and for $15.69.

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