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Prove your worth as a gifted student in Peach Hills Academy, a comedy dating sim with puzzle adventure gameplay, currently in development by EvilBuda.

Peach Hills Academy is a fully 3D dating sim with puzzle adventure gameplay elements, in which you take the role of a freshman at a renowned academy. Jim grew up at Peach Hills, but left the town to study at a prep school in order to be accepted into the titular Peach Hills Academy. His goal is to join the planet’s most capable defense force; proving his worth at the most reputable collage is the only way to do so.

The academy is known for its highly competitive nature. Students are strongly encouraged to join various clubs and challenge each other in duels under special academy rules. These competitions help define who’s more capable among the students. To develop his own fame and notoriety, Jim will have to use his skills and wits to navigate the school’s challenging system. Along the way, he’ll meet a plethora of female students and even develop an intimate relationship with many of them.

Peach Hills Academy embraces a more comedic style, with a cartoonish art style and occasional ridiculous events, though the game's cast also features more down-to-earth characters. The game is being developed by EvilBuda and a group of developers he’s managed to gather under his wings. The current plan is to create an immersive dating sim, allowing players to customize their version of Jim, develop his stats, and pursue love interests, all according to the player’s preferences. The game is expected to feature an open progression system, allowing for a large dose of freedom, as well as complex branching decisions with outcomes that will echo throughout the story.

The game's current demo features a short prologue, with Jim returning to Peach Town and meeting two of the heroines: the clumsy and shameless Lila, as well as his sporty childhood friend, Elie. Plans for future versions of the game include over 20 fully-voiced characters with complex animations and cinematics. The gameplay will include a daytime cycle, weather effects, detailed and vivid interactive scenarios, and an opportunity for players to build and grow their band of students.

The free demo of Peach Hills Academy is available on the game’s official website and on EvilBuda’s Patreon, where you can support the project to get early access to future builds and promotional assets, as well as the ability to vote on future changes to the game.

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