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A demo for UMAI NEKO's upcoming side scrolling beat ‘em up game, MAGICAL ANGEL FAIRY HEART, is now available on Steam.

MAGICAL ANGEL FAIRY HEART is an upcoming action game by UMAI NEKO, featuring a magical girl fighting off hordes of enemies. When a city gets overrun by sex crazed monsters, a lone schoolgirl chose to stand against them. Before she can face off against her foes, the schoolgirl transforms into FAIRY HEART, a scantily clad heroine in pink bodysuit.

Each level is separated into two parts: the first part has you fight numerous enemies until you reach the end of the section, while the latter part is a boss battle. Along with FAIRY HEART's basic moves, you can string combos together by punching, jumping, using your special attack, and shooting with the dot laser beam. Your special attack will change, depending on whether you use it while running or walking. If you get knocked down by enemies, you can mash the left and right arrow keys (or the Z and C keys) to get back up; if you stay down for too long, you'll be grabbed by the enemy, leading to a sex animation. With every passing second that follows, your health bar will be reduced by ten points. If your health reaches zero, you have the choice to restart the level to try again or give up, which will cause a game over sex scene to play. If you want to get a closer look at any sex animations or scenes, you can view them through the in-game gallery.

A horde of unknown monsters appeared in the city.

FAIRY HEART is on a sortie to save the city.

★ Use a variety of skills to subdue your enemies.

If you fail the mission, you can see the HCG animation.

★ Key

C: Jump

Z: Attack

Z Hit ↑ : Jump Attack

Space Bar: Special Attack

Grab + C + Z: German Suplex

Grab +↓↓+ Z: Special Attack

X: Dot Laser Beam Attack

★note: Be Sure to Test Play In the Trial Version

UMAI NEKO plans to release MAGICAL ANGEL FAIRY HEART on July 1st. You play the demo on Steam.

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