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Love blossoms between an older brother and a younger sister in Uchikano - Living With My Sister, a visual novel now available on MangaGamer.

Uchikano - Living With My Sister tells the story of a secretive romance between the youngest generation of the Tachibanki family. Keisuke is just beginning his life as a fully-fledged adult, having found a simple job at a company he was always fond of. With this responsibility, he also moved out to live on his own, which is something he mildly regrets, finding the daily grind much more tiresome on his own. In the wake of these tiring days, he's grown to longing for a girlfriend that could help him out at home.

Help comes, but not in the form of a new beloved: his sister Riho shows up at his doorstep, asking for a place to stay. As it turns out, the sibling’s parents have come down with the norovirus. They aren’t in danger, but with Riho’s college exams coming soon, she really can’t afford to get sick. Naturally, Keisuke invites her to stay.

Riho has always been taking care of Keisuke, feeling that his brother needs her help. For that reason, she’s been visiting him frequently since his move. That said, she’s also been viewing him more as a man for some time now. As the two of them begin to live together, without the oversight of their parents, Keisuke himself begins to view Riho as more of an attractive woman. As time passes, the siblings open up to each other about their feelings, marking the start of a secretive relationship.

Tachibana Riho

The protagonist’s little sister. Recently graduated. A bright girl who’s very attached to her older brother. She worries for him now that he’s moved out, and frequently comes to visit him.

While her housekeeping skills aren’t as good as she might boast, she always thinks ’Onii-chan needs me by his side.’

She tends to be lazy at home but is very dependable in social situations, and is a serious student too.

’Just having me around powers you up, doesn’t it? That’s a little sister’s blessing!’

Uchikano - Living With My Sister is now available on MangaGamer for $24.95.

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